The Magic that is Marian Brickner.


It’s great to have a good camera and it’s great to have a good lens or two. But those are only tools of the trade. Much of what you need to take great photos is an eye, some patience but above all experience.

For $250.00 Marian will take you through her years of developing her “how and when”. What to shoot and what not to shoot. She will help guide you and teach you the things you need to know about great wildlife photography.


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What others are saying:
Marian Brickner, at 83 years old, you exhibit fortitude and tenacity that our world could so learn from if we would simply take a few moments to watch and listen. You push through challenges, pains, and restrictions to manifest your talents and introduce us to beautiful individuals that we rarely take time to acknowledge and enjoy. 


You see the beauty of individualism, whether humans, plants, or animals, you capture life and display it so perfectly to the world. You’ve given us insight into the bonobo and bird communities which has sparked a new appreciation for those individuals. You educate, mentor, and inspire! 


My fear is that our world will not recognize your true talent before your energy passes on to the next world. So for that reason, I implore you, please keep capturing, please keep sharing, please keep creating because the smiles you spark and the lives you encourage are greater than you may experience with your senses. 


To the world, appreciate Marian’s talents now, buy her art and books now, while she’s with us. Don’t wait! Support her now so she can continue her beautiful journey of respecting and capturing life for us to enjoy. I’ve bought many of her pieces and while the packaging may be simple, the art is powerful and rare. 


I can’t wait for your next piece on birds communicating, and I want to buy a few of your images to hang in a collage on one of our walls as soon as our cabin is finished being built. 

To those who know Marian, please support her now. Let’s not be one of those who remembers the power of a great artist after their spirits have moved on. Let’s not wait to appreciate her art in the future; let’s support her now.


~Brigitte Ranae