"Marian has a rare gift, which takes remarkable skills of empathy, communication and visual art along with a high level of technique."  ~Richard Milner


In this era of limited attention spans, the New York transplant is an anomaly. With a preconceived image in her head, whether of a bulging-eyed green praying mantis, its forelegs in an upswing, or of five horses lined up, Radio City Rockette-style, she waits for that image.

No matter if it takes hours, days or subsequent returns months or years later. When she’s got the photo, she’s got it. And then she goes home.

This could make Brickner — whose animal and animal-and-human photos have graced the covers of internationally distributed textbooks, been splayed across a billboard in the French countryside, and appeared in calendars as well as  National Geographic Kids — one of the world’s fastest or slowest photographers, depending on where you catch her in the creative process.  ~STL Jewish Light 2017