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Marian Brickner Animal Photographer

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Marian will travel FAR AND WIDE to get "the image".

Richard Milner - American Museum of Natural History
 Marian Brickner has a unique eye. She does not photograph generic species, but  creates portraits of individual animals, each with its distinct and recognizable personality.  
"Clearly, bonobos need our help if they are to survive in Africa This is why I agreed to write afterword for this enchanting book. The authors wisely use very few words leaving the wonderful pictures to speak for themselves."       
The ' Growing up Bonobo Video’ 
“Shows off the small bonobo group, as well as Marian’s passion for them, and I like the message that people should care."
Frans B. M. de Waal. Ph.D.
C.h. Candler Professor
Director of the Living Links CenterYerkes Primate Cente

   Video and documentary of Marian and bonobos at the Jacksonville, Florida Zoo and Gardens

Marian Brickner Animal Photographer  Capturemenow video of Marian talking about her work and photographing a cat.

A talk on bonobos at Karen Hoffman’s Dreamer location in Chesterfield, mo.  Invite Marian


  Marian Brickner    314-564-5855  

Magazine and newspapers published in:

International Journal of Arts Medicine  (Cover: Water Lily)

365 day Calendar by Workman’s Publishing (Dog pictures)

Science et Vie la Terre  text book by Sejer/Bordas, Paris France  (Bonobo pictures)

Jewish Light Newspaper 

Journal of Internal Medicine (Two covers)


Lemur Reserve Annual Report

Missouri Conservation Magazine (Water Striders Mating)

National Geographic Kids Magazine  ( Bonobo Lexi Flossing)

National Geographic Kids Book  (Bonobo Lexi Flossing)

Natural History Museum Magazine  (Bonobos relating to Frans de Waal’s book)

Nature Conservancy Magazine (American Burying Beetles), and Big horn sheep

Shift Magazine  (Bonobo “Boy in Red”) article by Dr. Frans de Waal

St. Louis Science Center

St. Louis Symphony Playbills and Chorus pictures for display

St. Louis Review Newspaper 

St. Louis Magazine ( various articles)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis Business Journal

St. Joseph Senior Living Center (Cardinal Ritter)

Uppity Theatre  (Joan Lipkin)

West End Word

Books :

COVER of Book By Dr. Frans de Waal “Bonobo and the Atheist”        

 “I’m Lucy: A Day in the Life of a Young Bonobo”,   Afterword by Jane Goodall

 “Animals Don’t Wear Lipstick”   “A Family That Plays Together”

 “What’s A Family Anyway” (Soda bottles on the cover)                        

“Growing Up Bonobo”,  Go Fish” A Pelican trying to eat an Asian Carp

 “Paws on a Line: Claws and Hoofs Too”, “Mutts and Rascals”

 “Seasoned Dogs”, “Tale of Dales”,  “What Are They Thinking”

“With Bright Shiny Faces”, “Empathy Way-insides Out”,

“Empathy Way I’m Different   You’re Different”, “Empathy Way You Scared Me”

“Empathy Way Teacher’s Manual”, “Darwin A-to Z” by Richard Milner

Bonobo Lucy and her baby Yuli

Is Bonobo Lucy Singing?

 Subliminal Nuances of Animal Behavior



Subliminal Nuances of Animal Behavior (adjusting assumptions of who and what we are looking at.) 

Bonobo Powerpoint  “Bonobos: Who Are they and Who Cares?!!”

St. Louis Science Center


To children in schools located in:

St. Louis,  Several Catholic Schools, Captain School in Clayton,  18 presentations, each classroom at a time.  Took 4 days.

Principia pre-schoolStella Maris Child Center,  St. Joseph’s Senior Assisted Living Center, (Cardinal Ritter), Crown Center

New York: The Fieldston School, grade by grade.

Kent Conn: The elementary school, all six grades one at a time.

Falls Church, VA  4 days in the library while each classroom came in for the talk.

Washington DC.  After School programs

St. Louis County Library System.  14 branches, to “Nursery Schools” and some parents with at home children.  

Gallery Exhibits:

Kansas City Art Night

Soulard Art Gallery (St. Louis)

Clayton County Library

Photograph The bonobo Family in the Jacksonville, Florida Zoo two or three times a year.  Stay 3-1/2 full days, from 8:30-4:30 every day.  Those images have been used in many places, including the zoo itself.  Some local papers have used them and the zoo sometimes uses some for “educational” purposes.  

Marian has a rare gift, which takes remarkable skills of empathy, communication and visual art along with a high level of technique.  Richard Milner

More books: The Empathy Way Series, Author Dr. Anne Paris, using all bonobos pictures. “I’m Different, You’re Different”,  “Insides Out”,  “You Scared Me”. and the "Empathy Way Teacher’s Manual”     “ Go Fish” and “ "Growing Up Bonobo” with the introduction By Tracy Fenn, and designed by Paul Fenn.