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Marian Brickner Animal Photographer

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 For a MERE $10.00 you can have this delightful 86 page book, size 8 x 6, of pictures, of three young bonobos, from the Jacksonville, Florida Zoo and Gardens.
Produced by  Marian Brickner,Photographer,  Text by Tracy Fenn, who has worked with the bonobos for nearly a decade at this zoo, and her husband Paul Fenn the graphic designer.  The profits go to the Bonobo and Congo Biodiversity Initiative.  The   BCBI.  We want people to know about bonobos. Please include Shipping of $2.50.

Delightful sequence of 46 pages of Lucy playing with and loving her baby Yuli.  Photographed September 15, 2014.

$15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping.


A FUN and whimsical way to introduce young children to EMPATHY!  Stunning photographs of bonobo apes seem to be able to illustrate what EMPATHY is, and how EMPATHY helps to build good relationships with family and friends.  Geared toward children 3-7.  
We've priced this bookat $10.00(plus $2.50 for shipping) because we want as many people to buy it as possible and hopefully laugh and giggle your way through it!  Also can get it on AMAZON.

_Plus $2.50 Shipping

You can also send me a check.

_Plus $2.50 for shipping  You can also send me a check.


Plus $2.50 for shipping
  You can also send me a check.

Plus $2.50 for shipping. You can also send me a check.

Please include $2.50 for shipping

This book is a series of 53 pictures showing this young swan who is alone surrounded by about 200 ducks who are keeping a section of water open on a very very cold day.  When a family of three swans fly in, and leave soon after, she does not go with them.  We wonder why.

Please add $2.50 for shipping.  Thank you